Bring your customers new revenue.

Wait a minute, as a seller my job is to sell, get paid and line up the next sale, there is no place in the sales process for the process to work backwards, they pay you, and not you pay them. And in this singular logic lies the magic of bringing your customers value, in [...]

The Tomatoes Ate Your Profits

Here is a tale of how to not lose your lunch and your profits.  I was in Calgary touring some operations when I had the chance to meet a potential new sales representative. An arrangement was made to meet at the local eatery and have a “get to know you” meeting. The meeting was going as [...]

How To Build A Customer Service Star In Two Seconds

In the fall of 1983, around 7:00 pm, I was about to start my first class at an adult education level, a program called something like “Basic Skills for New Supervisors.” Looking around, the class was filled with all men, mostly in their early twenties, plus a few guys probably close to forty. The company [...]

The Sales Essays Volume #1

The Sales Essays: Introduction For quite some time now I have been thinking about doing some business writing. I wanted to write about past experiences both good and bad and what lessons I have learned from these experiences. I read a lot (at times up to three books a week) and so I know what [...]

Customer Service Super Star – Case History #1

Customer Service Super Star Case History Number 1: Auto Shop Shocker My daughter was in a small car accident and thankfully she was not hurt. The other driver quickly admitted 100% fault, so off to the auto body shop she went. While at the auto body shop my daughter asked for a few other things [...]

Marketing Strategy – Four Simple Marketing Ideas

Four Simple Marketing Ideas As a part of a winning Marketing Strategy you need to review the use of a frequent contact program to communicate with customers in order to gain a larger share of their business. When doing so, here are some simple ideas to carefully consider: 1.       Most businesses invest too much in [...]

Accountability, Anaconda Style

Leading by Leaning or… Accountability, Anaconda Style “Watch out guys, here comes the boss. Look busy.” Unfortunately, the above is a common statement in many businesses and if you are not sure what this is a sign of, let me tell you. It is the sign of failed corporate culture, bad management, missing accountability and a tangible [...]

Is A Coffee Card Networking’s Secret Weapon?

In the last three weeks our company has secured three major new clients. What’s unique is that each of these clients was referred to our company by a past or current client and our cost to land each one was just a cup of coffee. How networking skills and a Coffee Card can be the [...]

It’s Dollars Not Deals

Once again I have been witnessing an exchange of opinions on how to account for sales performance, this time taking place inside a Linked-In™ sales management group. I continue to be amazed that anyone who calls themselves a “sales professional” would engage in using a “deal count” as a “sales close ratio”. The bottom line [...]