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The TEC Canada Small Business programs are designed exclusively for results-driven leaders with revenues from $250,000 to $10,000,000 It’s the perfect solution for an established business, next generation leader or a company on the fast track. Our specialized approach will help you refine your goals and hone your leadership skills to fulfill your vision.


Our learning workshops are designed to deliver what you need to know to grow your business. We handpick relevant subject matter experts to deliver tried and true strategies along with leading-edge innovations that will put you ahead of the industry curve and make a real difference in your day-to-day operations with tangible, results-focused outcomes.


Nothing beats a one-on-one exchange with a trusted mentor. This is where you’ll focus on what’s holding you back and work through the intricacies of planning and implementing the big ideas. You’ll also be held accountable to your goals, so be ready to go after them full force.


Every TEC Canada membership includes access to our network of over 22,000 business leaders across the globe, as well as our exclusive digital learning resources. Members can reach out to specific groups with questions, seek help from a similar industry on another continent and start a chat about a new business idea. Best practice tool kits, white papers and a unique online video platform help members research strategy and learn from the past. We call this portal My TEC because you can personalize it to your needs


Your peer advisory team is there to help you work through the things that keep you up at night. They’ll ask a lot of questions to get to the root of what’s really in the way of progress, and then they’ll offer suggestions to consider. Be warned, your group will hold you accountable and inquire about what actions you took to resolve things. Nobody gets off easy and that’s why you’re here.


Designed to meet the distinct needs of leaders at all stages of their learning and growth, we take great care to match our members to the right peer group by considering organizational size and stage of development.

They call business owners ‘dreamers’ but they are the ones that don’t sleep.